Spa Pool Installations and Repair Solutions

Photo of new spa pool supplied and installed by SEQ Spa Solutions and completed with stunning timber decking surround Gold CoastWhether you're looking for a large, small, contemporary or traditional style spa pool, let SEQ Spa Solutions find you the style and size that's perfect for your needs and budget.

Our team at SEQ Spa Solutions are expertly trained authorised dealers so your pool can be fully installed without hassle or mess. And unlike many other spa companies, we don't leave you just with a spa in the ground – our installation service extends to your pool surrounds, and even a wide range of backyard solutions. We sell some of the leading manufacturers' spas at great wholesale prices and can also supply portable spa units.

With SEQ Spa Solutions you'll be swimming in quality and style – and enjoying a great new lifestyle with complete peace of mind.

Spa Installations

At SEQ Spa Solutions we can help you with all stages of the installation process from excavation, craning in spa into position, backfilling and decking or paving for the finish.

OzoneSwim Water Sanitation Systems

The solution for clean, hygienic waterThe solution for clean, hygienic water without the smell and irritation caused by high levels of chlorine is crystal clear – it's ozone! Used for nearly a century in Europe and the USA to sanitise and purify water, ozone can now be used safely and cost effectively to keep your pool, spa or water feature clean and healthy.

OzoneSwim products combine the benefits of salt water chlorination with the power of ozone to create the ultimate in soft, clean and odour free water. Ideal for customers seeking high quality water without the reliance on chemical additives.

OzoneSwim is the ideal solution for treating pools, spas and water features because it:

  • Disinfects by rapidly killing all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses and cysts
  • Breaks down dissolved impurities such as oils and organic wastes
  • Improves filtration of suspended solids.

We proudly supply:

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