Swimming Pool Installations and Repair Solutions

Commercial Swimming Pools

As a vital part of the hotel and resort industry, the water quality of your resort pool has a big part to play in the customers' experience during their stay. Since switching to an SEQ water solution, our customers, such as Gwinganna Health Retreat International Beach Resort and Greanmount Beach Resort,  have already had customers return to their facilities because of the water quality they experienced there. Specialising in water sanitation, filtration and energy reduction, SEQ spas can find the best combincation of filtration pumps and sanitation to suit your needs.

We specialise in ozone systems by Ozone Swim and only use top quality products in our processes.

In an economy that is all about preserving costs and going green, we can also help you find a cost effective and energy efficient solution to running a major part of your resort facility. With equipment installations such as solar heating ozone sanitation, pool blankets, digital vari-speed pumps and modern water efficient filters, we can cut your chemical usage by up to 90 per cent, your water usage by up to 95 per cent and your power consumption by up to 80 per cent. In a commercial environment it's worth making these simple changes to keep a lot of money in your pocket!

Pool Installations

As authorised dealers, SEQ Spa Solutions are perfectly placed to help you find the right pool for your needs and budget. And unlike many other pool companies, our installation service extends to your pool surrounds, and even a wide range of backyard solutions. We can handle the installation of your new pool right up to your choice of decking, paving and balustrading.

At SEQ Spa Solutions we can help you with all stages of the installation process from getting Council approval, excavation, concrete and coating, plumbing, equipment installation, right to the handover process of your swimming pool. We can also help with decking or paving to complete your swimming pool experience.

Photo of inground swimming pools installed by SEQ Spa Solutions complete with paving, coping, decking and glass pool fencing Gold Coast


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